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Jason Dudey
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Here's the scoop: Jason was born in Wichita KS, raised in Baltimore MD, ran away to New York City and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He has Midwest values, an East Coast attitude and a West Coast mentality.

He comes from the all American family, him, an older sister and parents that have been married forever. “My parents met when they were 3 and 6 in Sunday school and they're still together. That's just plain weird. I was so left out in school. All my friends had somewhere to go on the weekends, (their father's) not me. I still don't have a weekend home,” quirps Jason. The son of an insurance man and a barmaid turned legal secretary was his foundation for life. Throw in a hard working, never does anything wrong, sister named Sheryl and there you have it. “I thought the older sibling was supposed to break your parents in. You know how hard it is when your sister had perfect attendance for all 4 years of high school? I could barely put a full week together,” argues Jason. In high school he was voted most talkative and most outgoing. The problem was he was always talking while the teachers were talking and the only thing he was going out of was the closet.

Dudey has been climbing the comedy ladder and working the circuit for years. He plays every room imaginable, the gay rooms, the road rooms and has even done a PTA meeting and a bowling alley. He's that guy next door that just happens to be gay. Your sweet old grandmother will love him and even your construction worker brother-in-law will want to hear more.

There are gay people in this world, it happends. Dudey says he can work a powerdrill but, he can also quote the “Golden Girls”. He has opened for Craig Shoemaker, Ant, Sandra Bernhardt, Kathleen Madigan, Rovert Schimmel, Jennifer Coolidge, Susie Essman and more. He has also appeared on LOGO's Wisecracks – OutLaugh 3 and NBC's Last Comic Standing. He is a host and producer of Come Out Laughing based at the Long Beach Laugh Factory. This show tours all over the country so be sure to see him when the bus stops in your gay or not so gay town.