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What Is Professional Entertainment Consultants?    

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Your Career As An Entertainment Agent

Professional Entertainment Consultants offers an excellent opportunity for people in all areas of the entertainment, event, wedding and convention industries to build income your way, in your own business, licensed to work through the PEC Agency. Booking and  Artist Management is certainly not a new concept, but PEC has over the years created a system that allows you to get started quickly growing a business that is suited to your abilities and interests. There is virtually no limit to the direction you may grow your business. The resources available through Professional Entertainment Consultants to you as an Licensed Agent are a key to getting you up and running quickly. This system allows you to step into the "game" and play ball with the major players because you will have at your immediate disposal more resources than most agents ever have, let alone what any individual can put together on their own.  This is an ideal opportunity for a performer or musician or the business person who is looking to create a growing business with a quality association.


Within three days of starting you can be up and rolling with everything you need to start booking entertainment for your clients, getting familiar with our system and approaching potential clients about booking their events! With our nationwide system, you are part of a larger group that brings you all the support you need, yet you have the freedom to build your business locally and personally at your own pace and in the way that best suits you. You are supported by our extensive network and services that immediately make you look as if you have been in the business for many years, with experience right at your fingertips. PEC has been doing this successfully since 1983!


 50% commission split on all bookings for licensed agents.


 Remember, There is no Start-up Cost or Initiation Fee  when your application is approved.  Your monthly investment in your business is a $15.00 (about 50¢ a day) maintainence fee to cover the cost of your web interface, agent tools & resources and company e-mail. But don't worry, as long as you are booking entertainment the $15.00 maintainence fee is reimbursed to you on your first booking commission each month so as long as you are booking entertainment, there is never a cost!


 If you are professional performer any bookings you do* for your own act are exempt under out contract.


You are qualified to apply if you have at least 5 years working as a professional musician or performer or 5 years as a corporate event or wedding planner.


 Thousands of entertainers, bands, performers and acts are available for you to begin working with right away of all styles for just about any kind of booking. Your business is up and rolling in a matter of a few days with the best resources in the business!


 An always growing online database of potential clients is available to assist as you build your client base.


 The opportunity is ideal Either as A full time business or as an "add-on" business for active performers or event & wedding planners.


Work and learn at your pace.  Build your business full  or part-time.


 This is an independent opportunity,  not an in office salaried position.  You set your own hours and build your business on your schedule, in your office or on the go.



*Except direct referrals from PEC and bookings of your act by another PEC consultant



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