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Ross Costa
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Ross Costa is a seasoned, versatile musician & vocalist. He has been doing the 'one man band' thing for over 29 years now using a computer & midi tracks. He has over 400 songs on his playlist including Christmas & Hawaiian songs ! He also plays the Hawaiian Steel Guitar & plays several of the classic Hawaiian Steel tunes. If you desire a duo for your engagement he'll bring along talented tenor sax player Dannie Hofmann. Drawing from a large number of musical influences these guys play 'Lotsa Music for Many Occasions'- jazz, pop, oldies, rock, latin, doo-wop, country & Hawaiian! The duo can start out with some smooth jazz standards, play some honky tonk country line dances, blast out some classic rockers, slip in a coupla moldy oldies, segue into some Hawaiian & Polynesian Standards on the Hawaiian Steel Guitar & throw in a ballad or two for you slow dancers !

Ross Costa is an experienced performer who sings, plays guitar, Hawaiian Steel guitar, Yamaha WX-5 Wind Controller & sequences many of the duo's 'backup band' arrangements on the computer. Cutting his teeth on surf, blues and rock in the 60's, he has transitioned thruout the various musical periods by maintaining an open attitude about performing and a willingness to play for the crowd. He lived in Hawaii for 13 years and learned many Hawaiian songs, some on the Hawaiian steel guitar. He & former partner, Ian Taylor, were the first musicians there in 1984 to use computers for live musical performances. They released two albums in Hawaii and were called the 'Computones' and were "almost semi-famous" ! yeah, really, brah !

German-born, Dannie Hofmann earned his BA in music from Brown University and New England Conservatory. Dannie racked up years of live and studio performances, recording many tracks of jazz, blues, R&B, Rock, Rap with various production companies. In 1996 he helped found the ZOOT swing band and released a self-titled CD. In 2004 he began touring with the now deceased blues legend Little Milton. 2008 marked the beginning of numerous European tours with the King of Rock and Soul, Solomon Burke who passed away 2011.

They are road ready with lots of experience and the right gear for the job ! Sometimes they'll add a drummer for more fun !

Thank you for considering Ross Costa for your next engagement.
sincerely, Ross Costa