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STARRING U! Live Karaoke
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We are a fully interactive live karaoke band that is on the cutting edge of live entertainment. We are a full 8 piece band that includes a karaoke jockey, and our own traveling Billboard Award winning sound engineer. Not only are we one of the best bands in LA, but we also offer services that no other band does. All guest performances are recorded in high-definition video. While performances are taking place, our sound engineer is recording, mixing, and mastering all performances. This high quality, professional CD sounding audio is then synced to the high-definition video and given to each performer as a party favor. In addition, with a full band including background vocalists, all songs are performed identical to the original recordings, down to recording techniques used in different genres. This is the performer's chance to live out their wildest rock star dreams, performing their favorite songs with a live rock band and getting to relive that moment forever.

The services we offer make us perfect for corporate events, team building seminars and workshops, private parties, wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc. With a combined performance experience of over 100 yrs, in addition to all of the extra services we offer, we promise to turn your event into not only the one your guests will be talking about for yrs to come, but is sure to be one of the most fun experiences any of them have ever had.