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The Gobshites
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The Gobshites - The Only Folk 'n' Irish Band That Matters!

The Gobshites are an acoustic Irish themed folk-punk band in the style of The Pogues.

Our line up includes Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Bouzouki and Accordion.

You may have seen us these past years in the South Boston Saint Patrick'sDay Parade or heard us on the Don Imus Radio Show. We have played The Shamrock Fest in DC, The Providence Fleadh, multiple Harpoon Brewery Festivals, The ICC Festival in Canton, MA, The Irish Heritage Festival in Dorchester and Irish 2000 in Albany .

We have opened for many Irish acts including Black 47, The Tossers, Gaelic Storm, The Young Dubliners, 7 Nations, Derek Warfield and The Street Dogs.

You'll find we straddle between Folk, Irish and Rock in such a way that our appeal crosses many generations. It's not uncommon to see Grandparents singing along to the same songs as their Grandchildren at a Gobshites show!

"The Gobshites are a gifted bunch ofmerrymakers, who will put a smile on your face and make you want to sing along."

(Tommy Ramone - RAMONES/Uncle Monk)

The Gobshites live are a churning martini of Good songs and Bad intentions.

(Larry Kirwan - Black 47)

“The Gobshites version of Somebody Put Something In My Drink is awesome. They made it their own which is what I look for in an artist. One of the best versions ever! “

(Richie Ramone - RAMONES) THE GOBSHITES TAKE IRISH MUSIC AND GIVE IT A FIRM TWIST! In The "tradition" of The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, The Gobshites might turn an old Irish standard into a rock and roll rave up. but turnabout being fair play, The Gobshites turn the tables and transform old punk rock songs like Black Flag's "Six Pack" or the Ramones "Long Way Back" into Irish sing-alongs! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------- The Gobshites: When the Shite Hits the Fans I've often asked myself, or someone like me, "Gee, I wonder what you'd get if a bunch of drunken Irish yobs — musicians, that is — all got together and decided to cover hardcore punk rock tunes about their favorite subject: drinking!?" Well, before I could get a decent answer from myself, the Gobshites beat me to it with their debut CD. It's the sound of a fun-lovin' bunch of drinking buddies kicking up their heels and revving through a kegger of hearty ale. Don't believe me? Well, the 'Shites dig into tunes like Stiff Little Fingers' "Drinkin' Again," Black Flag's "Six Pack," and GG Allin's "Drink Fight and Fuck." Hell knows there's enough punk rock drinkin' songs for the lads to choose from. Shane MacGowan and the Mekons weren't even touched this time through . . . Over the years, Irish-oriented bands — Black 47, Flogging Molly, et at. — have provided us with some serious good-time fun from the stage, and the Gobshites take their rightful place on that illustrious list. Led by occasional punk rocker Pete Walsh (Meat Depressed) on vox, guitar, and pennywhistle, and flanked by fiddle, accordion, mandolin, banjo, drums, and bass, the bandnever loses its head, never turns the songs into a bloody mess. Each instrument is given a little room to breathe. My only gripe is that it doesn't really do their rollicking live shows the kind of justice they deserve. But, realistically, would that ever be possible when sights and smells are still a long way away from showing up on CD?-BOB GULLA - PROVIDENCE PHOENIX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is a new music site from Steven Van Zandt focused on developing ARTISTS in all genres with resources and real opportunities as well as giving FANS a new place for music discovery, and a backstage look at the music industry. Here are 3 videos The Gobshites filmed for the site.