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SciRipa is a Los Angeles/ Orange County Band, (Members are interchangeable, we can add and minimize) consisting of three singers, Demetri, Lariland, and Otis; pianist, Nathan; bass, Travis; lead guitar, Stan; and drummer Reginald. All the members had played in various bands for years and are very experienced. After working together for a concert, and noticing the amazing chemistry between them, they formed a band in the summer of 2007.

Their music incorporates jazz, R&B, funk, disco, old school, pop and other rhythmic beats. The members are professionals in their league and this band is thriving with phenomenal skill and excitement at every venue they stop at.

SciRipa has played over 300 gigs. This includes their intense performance at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, Calif., a popular club amongst many and has headlined many mainstream artists. At Martini Blues, a premium venue with fantastic essence, SciRĂ­pa, gave an epic performance drawing an encore set. They've played at the Bombay Bistro to serenade the diners with beautiful music as they ate and danced the night away. The summer of 2010 heated up at the Temecula Jazz Festival with the impeccable Keni St. Lewis. They delighted sushi eaters at Kobe Bistro in Seal Beach, Calif., and now they are a WEEKLY regular at Frisco's Carhops in Long Beach while making guest appearances around the county.