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i have all the current music, minus the stuff on the radio that hasn't been made into karaoke yet. of course i have all the oldies too, show tunes, country, rap, you name it. i think i am currently up to 10,000 different songs (not counting duplicates). my selection is updated weekly with any new releases as well as all the requests from my customers. i also have a huge bag of props including wigs and inflatable guitars, which i think makes all the difference in a karaoke show. i've got 4.1 speakers with a 1000watt mixer depending on the size of the venue, and a few other things like an external monitor in case the venue doesnt have a tv.

i am an interactive host. i think it's important to participate in the show, it helps the clients/customers/guests have a new and great experience that you dont get with a KJ who sits back and announces the next singer. people who have vowed never to sing karaoke have a tendency of trying it out at my shows.

I can also DJ, and i ususally do before and after the karaoke part. if you just want DJ'ing with no karaoke, i do that too.

my prices vary a little depending on what's needed, so contact me for more info.