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Sing Blue Silver
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Twenty five years after the formation of Duran Duran and 30 hits later, the five original members: Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor, are back together again and the world can't get enough. One of the biggest new tribute bands of 2007 is Sing Blue Silver, a tribute to Duran Duran. Formed by Bay Area tribute band veterans (Erasure-esque, This Charming Band, & Fast Times) and already selling out venues across Northern CA, this is *the* tribute band everyone has been waiting for. Sing Blue Silver has the sound of the real deal in their hay day. Playing hits like "Rio", “ Hungry Like the Wolf", "Girls on Film", "The Reflex” and “Wild Boys", Sing Blue Silver captures the original magic and live spirit with the same undeniable musical chemistry and signature style that propelled Duran Duran to the top of the music business. If you love Duran Duran to death or just know the hits, see Sing Blue silver and experience a high energy show not to be forgotten.