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The Magic of Vincent Simon
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Do you want to make your next event amazingly successful, memorable and FUN? Allow me to introduce The Magic of Vincent Simon.

Vincent Simon - Man of Mystery, Master of Deception, offers a theatre experience that will bewilder and amaze, and most of all, entertain your party guests with delicious eye candy and perplexing food for thought. Make your next event amazingly successful, memorable and fun with the Magic of Vincent Simon.

If you've ever considered PALM READING, TAROT CARDS, FORTUNE TELLING, ASTROLOGY or NUMEROLOGY for your special event. then WAIT! You may be missing out on the MOST accurate and fascinating form of psychic entertainment today known as Treeology: The art of psychological tree drawing interpretation and signature analysis.

Vincent Simon is not only an accomplished illusionist, but is also is a renowned Treeologist and Graphologist. Let Mr. Simon thrill and entertain your special guests by delving deeply into the most absorbing subject to ever capture their interest; THEMSELVES.

Vincent Simon brings twenty years of magic performance experience and unsurpassed showmanship that result in unforgettable entertainment. Help make your next event amazingly successful, memorable, and fun. Vincent Simon is a consummate professional and possesses an unparalleled passion for magic and pleasing his audience.

This is the perfect entertainment to compliment your next birthday party, family reunion, anniversary party, baby shower, purse party, corporate event, wedding, office party, etc.