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Vou Vivendo
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Vou Vivendo is a unique ensemble that plays Brazilian music, specifically parlour music from early 20th Century Rio de Janeiro called "choro." It is an infectious blend of European dance forms and African rhythms, and is often likened to early American jazz due to its similar influences. This is wonderful music for a number of settings: fine dining, dancing, or Bohemian-style relaxation.

Vou Vivendo consists of professional musicians who bring their own interpretation and influence of jazz into the fold, creating a dynamic and interesting texture and sound. Because of the instrumentation, this ensemble has a unique voice. Vou Vivendo features mandolin, guitar, bass and percussion.

With such dynamic and versatile musicians, Vou Vivendo can also provide specific music upon request, anything from classical to bluegrass. The mandolinist from the group also plays violin, expanding the possibilities.

Let the joy of Brazilian music be heard at your special event!