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Shadows Of Bedlam
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We are a Celtic and Original Rock/Alternative (some covers thrown in there for fun) five piece band consisting of lead and rhythm guitars, bass and drums. Jules fronts our band with a strong expressive passion that evokes a bit of Blues also. Two of our other players also sing for the male story songs, we often work with a bagpiper who accompanies us when we cover AC/DC and Dropkick Murphy's version of Amazing Grace. He also does jigs and reels for the folks when we take a break.

We have taken some of the ancient songs. ballads and fight songs and rocked them lovingly! The guitarists wear kilts and we are all of Celtic descent except for Mic, he's Korean but he thinks he's Scottish! Help us keep the secret! We are personable and fun and have the background on many of the tunes that we impart to the crowd if they seem into it.