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Union Jack
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If there’s ever a band to authentically duplicate the sound and feel of a Rolling Stones show, Union Jack is undeniably the definitive tribute band. From the incredible reproduction of the music to the same raw attitude on stage, Union Jack truly recaptures the aura that made The Rolling Stones the greatest rock band on earth. Union Jack has performed The Rolling Stones’ hits at nightclubs, corporate events, concerts, weddings, fund raisers, holiday parties and private functions throughout the Puget Sound. We pride ourselves on excellent musicianship and a song list that gets people up dancing. Plus, we have all our own equipment – P.A., lights, sound gear, the whole shidoobee. This high-end system gives us a full, rich sound that few other bands can match. Give us a dull room and we’ll turn it into a kick-ass party in no time. All of our band members have years of playing experience and a professional, dependable attitude to go along with it. That translates to having confidence in us— the confidence we will deliver a great show.