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One Year Yesterday
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“It's all about the brand. The way the music makes you feel. Does it make you swoon or sweat, does the hook get stuck in your head.”

One Year Yesterday writes meaningful music that has captured the hearts of many across the globe. From Germany to Georgetown, Los Angeles to Louisiana, One Year Yesterday is making fans fast. Riding the success of the their first full length album, Be There for You, One Year Yesterday is now pursuing a hard working Management Agency that is willing to grow what this young group has already established.

Lead singer, Tyler Johnson was recently interviewed, saying “We write pop music and people like it. It's grown from our hearts and hands and now we need some help in taking it (the band) to the next level. We don't want glitz and glamour, we want a management company that is connected and has a strategic process for advancing the careers of their artists.”

When asked about the writing process Johnson responded, “We write new songs every week. [. ] We like to play the new songs at our live shows and see how the crowd responds, that's the ultimate test. [. ] A. Make the song radio/primetime TV friendly B. mean what you write, and write what you feel C. Make music that people can remember and sing along too D. Dream Big.”

One Year Yesterday's current album and music video has landed them in numerous top positions on OurStage, AmieStreet and a 1st place finish in's new artist competition.

When asked about the bands future plans drummer Nate Lotz laughed and said, “ Is this where I'm supposed to say we're planning on breaking up. [. ] We actually get asked this a lot and I have the same answer every time. We plan on having John Mayer open for us within a few years, and then maybe we'll let The Police close the night, with a little One Year Yesterday in between, enough to keep the fans at bay.”

To you and I this may seem a little presumptuous, but these guys have big dreams and have been aiming at the stars since the beginning. A line from their title track, Be There For You, “maybe we'll go to the stars, maybe we'll stop at the moon, no matter how far, I'll be there for you.”

Their fans certainly are there for them. With sold out shows in Colorado and Los Angeles, One Year Yesterday knows how to entertain the crowd. If you haven't had a chance to hear One Year Yesterday, be sure to hop over to iTunes and check out their album and you can also visit them at