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Neon Man
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"In a category all by himself. You have never seen anything like Neonman before." --Statler Brothers

Neonman is truly unique and an amazing crowd pleaser. Perfect for large corporate events where you want a touch of illusion, drama and the unexpected.

The Act: The lights go out. The original soundtrack starts. Out of the total dark emerges Neonman. A fantastic optical illusion. Is it a person? Is it a robot? Is it a ???? He moves around like liquid defying gravity.

Magic??? A rhythm starts. Red lights appear. Neonman manipulates and juggles them. The sound of a jet plane is heard. It lands. All of a sudden Neonman has red airport control sticks. The plane is taxying. Neonman directs it. The sound of a groovy beat is heard. Neonman directs it. Neonman jams with the control sticks. But,,,the plane crashes,,, Neonman flies all over the place. The end.