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The Acoustic Crib
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The name of this performer is Tha Acoustic Crib. There are over one hundred and seventy full length songs, all original available for evenings, days, or any other intimate event. The performer has played usually for groups of over 30 and under 100 people. The more intimate the audience the better the show, and sound quality however. The music ranges from sounds of Simon and Garfunkel, Steve Forbert, Mason Williams, and so on and so forth. The genre is not limited to anything as fast tempo songs or slow are selected to fit the night in the correct way. Material content is fair and for the most part socially acceptable.

Songs of subject content can first be available for review and dictated as to which ones are wished to be included or excluded. Proffesional musicianship, loyaly, honest, and attentive to the crowd's mood and expectations. This artists has played for over twenty years, on the west coast and the east coast. Available also from this artist is piano reception music, for formal events. Classical, and new age music as well as the ability to learn any song desired for performance. With the list of cover material there are over 500 songs available to be played by this musician. This is a top of the shelf deal, imagine if you could see Bob Dylan, or Steve Forbert, when they were 25 years old. That is what you will get here.