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It was a brave new age of youthful idealism. The Kennedy's were in the White House. Suburbs and schools strained to accommodate the final surge of the Baby Boom. Answers to the pressing problems of the day seemed well within reach. And nothing echoed the spirit of the times better than the folk music revival that swept the country.

About then Jim Christiansen and Alan Mickelson began performing their renditions of this type music.

They teamed up with a third member, Brian Bressler, to become the popular folk comedy act "The Shaggy Gorillas (minus one buffallo fish)". Smooth harmonies and hilarious routines made the "Shaggys" a standing room only event. For several years they appeared in many popular west coast night spots including Pasadena's famous "Ice House".

In 1965 Jim and Alan went their separate ways, each pursuing different careers. they lost track. Brian went on to the television show "Laugh In" then retired on the Oregon coast.

Then in 1995 Jim and Alan re-discovered each other thirty years older with adult children and grandchildren, and ironically living only four blocks apart.

They have since renewed their friendship and mutual love of performing. They have resurrected an entertainment style that had delighted and outraged audiences a generation ago.

They have presented shows to a variety of venues from fairs and schools, to private parties, dinner shows, and night clubs. The JIM-n-ALAN Show is folk music in the 50's and 60's tradition of the Kingston Trio, The Limeliters, Peter Paul & Mary, and the Smothers Brothers.

The music selection includes songs of the west from the music influences of Bob Wills, Gene Autry, and The Sons of the Pioneers, to Calypso & Sing - Alongs. And, they've added pop ballads from the 40's, 50's & 60's.

Acoustic guitar, upright bass, banjo, lots of humor, and BIG harmonies make the JIMnALAN Show something really special.