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My buddy and I have a unique musical talent that has transformed into a bit of an act over the past couple years. It's a little different but has honestly been a huge hit at every venue in which we've done it. We call it themed/situational rapping. We are 29 year old guys and are not ghetto, but are outgoing, charismatic, and very talented rappers. We have created and performed raps for numerous weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, as well as corporate luncheons and parties plus two restaurants. We do this by gathering a ton of information about either the theme of the party or gathering, the corporate company and their products and employees, or info on the bride, groom, bridal party, and any special guests attending whatever type of event it is. We then take all that info and create a 2-3 minute personalized, clever, and very funny rap and perform it at the event as well as record it on cd to be given to individuals at the event/party. We also excell at freestyle rapping. This was exemplified when we were hired by two different restaurants (On The Border, & Diamond Bar & Grill) to come in 1-2 nights a week and walk around the restaurant with a cordless mic. Without being intrusive we'd talk to the customers, ask a few questions and right there on the spot perform a 6-8 line rap about those specific individuals based on where they were from, what they were eating, and maybe what they did for a living. The raps rhymed, were very funny, and consistently a hit. Depending on exactly what you're looking for, I think we should at least chat briefly to discuss some details.

We have numerous references that we can provide for whom we have done this for and our most notable is Damon Bruce. He is the host of the sports talkshow sportsphone680 on KNBR 680 AM. We wrote an NBA rap about the Golden State Warriors a year ago that was played on his show. He gave us a huge intro and called me personally to tell me how great he thought it was. We have since written a rap for/about him that he uses to close his show on a weekly basis. After that he recently asked us to write one for the entrance to his show and dubbed us on the air "The Official Rappers of Sportsphone680".

Brian Bergondy