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Randell Brown
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Hello I am Randell Brown
I play Classical Finger-style solo Guitar as a single act.

I mostly book private up-scale Social affairs as background ambient live music.
I don't really consider what I do as an "act" because I play real music on a expert level. I don't claim to be a virtuoso but I do work at it and I take it very seriously. I am booked to be heard as a musician not an entertainer with a musical act.

Partial Repertoire
Op. 139 No. 5
Op. 139 No. 6
Op. 48 No. 24
Op. 35 No. 8
Op. 35 No. 19
Jiffy Jam
Boys of Blue Hill
Where Do I Begin(Love Story Theme)
The Entertainer
Bridge Over Trouble Water
Aria Digli che io son Fedeele
Mr Lucky
Windy and Warm
Maple Leaf Rag
Symphony No. 40
Ashoken Farewell
The Early Dawn
Cantata 147
Maria Luisa

Ceremony Music
Kanon in D(Grooms March)
Brides March
Midsummer Nights Dream(Wedding March)