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Swing Papillon
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From Portland, Oregon, Swing Papillon is a quintet rooted in the tradition of gypsy jazz and the Hot Club of France. Originally a trio, Swing Papillon has now added Jason Okamoto (Nylon String Guitar) for a whole new direction in the progression of this beautiful music. Bryan Darby (Lead Guitar) has been into gypsy jazz long before the craze and it shows with his Django-like lines and machine gun tremolos. Also newly added, James Mason (Violin) is a truly remarkable soloist and has played alongside such greats as Andreas Oberg and Robin Nolan. Hyung Nam (Rhythm Guitar) pumps out the time with a joyous smile and you can set your watch by his tempo. Lastly, Michael Papillo (Double Bass), dubbed Papillon by Robin Nolan , has adopted a few of the gypsy guitar techniques to the double bass and is a pleasure to watch and hear. Together the quintet is completed and you can truly tell when you hear them that they have come to play and enjoy doing so.