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The 31 Flavors
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Now in its third year of existence, The 31 Flavors has rapidly become the “go to” band for all types of special events. Formed in 2005 by it's founding members Tim Swanson and Greg Voss, this high energy band's talent, and ability to play all styles of music has enabled them to perform at happenings requiring 50's rock n' roll, classic rock from the 60s – 90s, classic/smooth jazz, Latin jazz, as well as classic or contemporary country.

The 31 Flavors has also performed at several “theme” parties and are the perfect combination of professional musicianship and down-to-earth personalities that will take your event from a good one to the “can't miss” event of the year for your organization! They can even perform as a Led Zeppelin or Credence Clearwater Revival tribute band!

No matter what flavor of music you desire for your event, the one guarantee that you have with The 31 Flavors is that the music will be awesome, the band's behavior and demeanor will be professional, and you will have one whale of a party!

The 31 Flavors can perform at any size event and in any configuration that serves the customer best, from a duet to a full 6 piece show band. If you are looking for the perfect musical partner for your next event, please drop us a line. We look forward to transforming your next gathering into an event to remember!