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Shelby Brown
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Born in Michigan, saxophonist Shelby Brown grew up in Detroit where he began playing violin at nine years old. It wasn't until the age of thirteen, that Shelby would be influenced by the sounds of the late saxophonist George Howard which lead him to appreciate the art of Jazz.

Shelby first hit the airwaves in 2003 with Miracle, since then Shelby has a polished sound and his new CD No Boundaries is definitely worthy of an audience.

As of recently Shelby has become the proud endorser of Dymusic USA & Wiseman Saxophones. This new partnership has Shelby traveling from the United States to Beijing, China, the United Kingdom, and Italy all in the name of promoting his new line of saxophones, the Shelby Brown signature series.

Shelby's signature model saxophone complements his newest collection of Smooth Jazz instrumentals and vocals. No Boundaries, written by Shelby and Damon Warmack, covers the spectrum of contemporary Jazz. Some stand out tracks are Kendhal which is completed with vocals by Chanda Long, a local recording Artist and Hey Slim a song written for Shelby's late Grandmother, yet it contains the expressive, emotional, inspirational and self described ‘Spirit Lead Soul' that Shelby puts into each and every note, playing each song as if it was his last.

This ‘Sprit Lead Soul' comes naturally for Shelby whose roots run deep into Detroit's religious community and musical heritage. Shelby has performed often for Churches and charity events throughout the national & international community.

Listen for the Smooth Jazz sounds of Shelby Brown and you will again be reminded of Detroit's great musical legacy. No Boundaries captures the rich tapestry of Motown's music.