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Treat Me Nice - A Tribute To Elvis Presley
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Treat Me Nice is the ultimate Elvis Presley tribute band. Featuring Eddie Stephens as Elvis, the band puts on a full and complete show including: inquizitive trivia, audience participation, and more. This musical machine features many of Los Angeles' finest musicians. Music Director/Guitarist, Donovan Raitt, is the cousin of none other than recording artist Bonnie Raitt. Donovan also recently graduated with his B.A. in Music Performance from the University of Southern California (USC). Keyboardist, Norman Jackson, is formerally of the Jessica Simpson band. Norman can now be seen all over Southern California with numerous groups. Bassist, Pat Morvan, is actually Eddie's very first Music teacher from 13 years ago. He can also be seen with the Laurie Morvan band around town. Drummer, Chris Schultz, is a fine percussionist residing in Long Beach, CA. Currently a Music major at California State University Long Beach (CSULB), Chris shows much potential in being one of the better drummers in California. And finally, Eddie has been an Elvis fan for the last 20 years, (and he's only 24). Being able to perform as Elvis has been a life-long dream of Eddie's. He knows that no one will ever compare to that of the King of Rock and Roll, but he can sure give his best shot.