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The Business
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Formed over a decade ago by a group of long-time friends, The Business is a sensational Chicago-based horn band that cannot be pigeonholed into one musical style or era. The Business is a band that is equally comfortable playing Earth Wind & Fire, Tito Nieves, James Brown, Gloria Estéfan, Tower of Power, and Frank Sinatra. They also offer a sampling of their own original music. The Business is a proud reflection of the vast cultural faces of Chicago. Many groups are represented by the individual musicians themselves and the music they perform. As you will soon discover, The Business plays with passion, flair, and showmanship that lets you know they are having fun. The energy generated by this band is felt by the entire audience – so when members of The Business dance – you will feel the need to dance along with them. The Business is truly an experience that must be seen to really be heard.