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Slimpickens sticks to their southern roots with strong ties to Virginia and Louisiana. Their music is a throwback to the depression era higlighting various styles from rural america such as country blues, cajun, and ragtime, and fiddle tunes often covering songs by obscure artists. All three are strongly influenced by the old greats of that time. The Hum North Coast Journal At a glance you might think the old timey duo Slim Pickens stepped out of a time machine. Fiddler Annie Ford favors dresses from the '20s and '30s and hats to match, and guitarist/vocalist Jake Landry has that timeless casual look, again accented by just the right fedora ("Extracted from The Hum") Bob Doran Songs for Shelter at the Triple Door Seattle Weekly Opening duo Slim Pickens (Jacob Landry and Annie Ford), playing guitar and fiddle, respectively, chose warm, Dust Bowl ballads, and put me in the mind of the Carter Family. They even dressed the part; Ford's drop-waisted '30s-style dress and matching hat reminded me that sometimes costuming counts. Their version of the traditional "Make Me a Pallet on the Floor" is among the best tracks on Shelter. Fremont Public Association: Songs for Shelter CD Baby Songs for Shelter closes with "Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor," in a new reading by street buskers Slim Pickens. This timeless cut about the displaced offsets the resignation of Jacob Landry's ageless vocals and the optimism of Annie Fords' old-timey fiddle