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Santa Ricky
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Now and then, a personality comes along who is so unique and extraordinary that they deserve to be seen and heard by as many people as possible. Such a person is Ricky Baldwin/Santa Ricky known as "America's Santa."

He has a multitude of TV commercials, personal appearances, print ads, radio guestings and theatrical presentations. Ricky sings, plays the bagpipes, the banjo, and has a saucy puppet named Pierre, the Polar Bear.

As a member of SAG, Santa Ricky has performed in several national TV holiday commericals. This year you've seen Ricky in national ads for Select Comfort Mattresses, Earthlink, Frigidaire, Footsmart, and his newest and proudest: Walmart's toy ads featuring Santa and Garth Brooks.

Advertising agencies, clients, talent agents, casting directors, and event planners agree that Santa Ricky is artistic, a natural on camera, is cost effective and gets the shot. And most of all, has a charming personality.