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My Wild Cards Jazz was established in 1991. I came up with the idea that I could vary the vintage jazz style (pre 40s) and the artists in the Band with each performance. This was to benefit both the Musicians and the Audience. After 14 years this concept has proven to be a most exciting musical experience. Having played with our country's finest traditional jazz musicians and performing ‘one of a kind' concerts, weddings, or informal gigs, I can truly say this has been the best decision of my musical career. And from the response of those fans that have experienced the performances they too cherish the memories of those special events. My musicians list includes 52 Aces many of whom are band leaders or solo artists. There are 13 Rythym Players (piano,guitar/banjo, drums), 13 Clarinet/Soprano Sax Players, 13 Trombone players, and 13 Cornet/trumpet players. Except for one fine vocalist supreme Ron Rustad of Rainier Jazz Band fame, many of the musicians perform wonderfull vocals. I am the sole String Bass player with Tuba thrown in on occasion. The band can vary from 3 to 8 artists per event and generally performs around the Northwest. My friends and I can be had. Thanks for listening and dancing!