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The Comedy Juggling Of Paul Isaak
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Paul Isaak has the ability to reach every member of the audience, and bring out laughter from many different levels. His performance is engineered to be ideal for any situation. As the show is clean enough for family functions, Isaak's performance will never offend your clients, but will leave them with a positive impression of your organization. People who have seen the show repeatedly, laugh as hard, or harder, than those who are discovering it for the first time. Each performance is unique. Isaak began his professional career as a physical comedian in 1988. Since then his show has wowed audiences in seven countries. His performance features the most unusual assortment of circus skills, combined with little or no fear of public humiliation. The most amazing thing about the show, is his ability to include members of the audience, as the stars of the show. He asks the CEO of an international Energy company to do the most outlandish things on stage, and to the delight of his admiring staff, the CEO complies.