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For nearly four decades Neil Diamond's music has brought joy to millions all over the world. With a career quite unlike that of any other singer/songwriter, Neil Diamond continues to this day to break new ground with each album. His songs and his unique voice have permeated the Generation-X'ers alike. Every one of us has at least one memory linked to a Neil Diamond song. Over the past seven years, Super Diamond has sought to spread the word with their own interpretation of his material. As a child Randy Cordero (Surreal Neil) grew up listening to Neil Diamond along with his parents, as did many of us. While developing his skills as a singer/songwriter, Randy discovered that he had an astonishing ability to sing Neil Diamond songs in a very Neil-like way. After assembling a band of truly kindred spirits, Surreal Neil and Super Diamond began to perform regularly in San Francisco and then all over the U.S., and something quite wonderful happened: People turned out in large numbers to see them, and returned again and again and again. Are people drawn to Super Diamond for their dynamic live show? For the sweeping breadth of Neil Diamond's songs? For Surreal Neil's impassioned rendition of some of the best music ever written? You decide. This show is dedicated to Neil Diamond with love and thanks.