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Santa for Children - Santa enters with a hearty HO! HO! HO!, leads the group in a couple of Holiday songs and reads a Christmas story to the children. After the songs & story, Santa calls up the children handing out gifts (you provide!) and candy canes (Santa provides!) and posing for individual, group & family photographs. Santa is also able to perform close-up magic for the children if time allows. Santa for Adults - SANTA for Adult Parties has decades of experience in handling an adult crowd with humor and wit and is able to adjust his material to suit the audience. Of course, Santa will not do any grownups-only material in public or if children are present! Santa is available for Adult events including Luncheons, Dinners, Holiday and Private Parties. Comedy and Magic Show - KEB-KEB offers an adult show specially designed for parties with a Guest of Honor celebrating a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or Retirement. He performs interactive Comedy Magic & Juggling with the entire audience and features the Guest of Honor in his Grand Finale Headchopper Routine. This hilarious routine, played for laughs instead of gore, features KEB-KEB with a guillotine-type device pretending to decapitate the Guest of Honor. KEB-KEB also makes an elaborate Balloon Crown for the Guest of Honor and gathers the entire group of adults together to sing an appropriate song for the Guest of Honor. PINKY the Gorilla Singing Telegrams are the perfect way to send a unique surprise to a friend, co-worker or sweetheart. PINKY the Gorilla stands almost 7 feet tall, weighs in at close to 300 pounds and is guaranteed to surprise and delight your special person. PINKY the Gorilla delivers a beautiful Helium Balloon Bouquet consisting of Jewel-toned and decorated latex balloons and a Mylar balloon with a message suitable for any occasion including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement, I Love You and Graduations.