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the Rhythm Dragons
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Rhythm Dragons are the #1 All Original Rockabilly band in Arizona & the Southwestern United States. The band also infuses Swing, Punk, Jazz, Surf, Country and Americana into their music & live performances. The Rhythm Dragon's new album, Billy 3.0 features the songs Rave With My Baby & "Feb. 3rd 1959". Rhythm Dragon's are on their way up with one the finest Rockabilly guitarists in the nation and Social D’s legendary drummer, Bob Stubbs! The Rhythm Dragons will celebrate its 16th Anniversary this year with the release of their 11th album, "Billy 3.0"!

The Rhythm Dragon's past album releases include: Chomp Chomp Chew Chew, Hang on the Vibe, Rhythm Dragons, Anthony Vincent & the Rhythm Dragons, Fire Red, Tailspin, Rat Rod Rodeo, Drag U Later and Chopped and Dropped. The bands entire musical discography plus music downloads are available on, PayPlay.FM,, and CD

Anthony Vincent is the founder, face & principal songwriter of the Rhythm Dragons. Anthony is an Arizona singer, songwriter and guitarist that performs and writes his own music in the tradition of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Elvis, Little Richard and Carl Perkins. Anthony & the Rhythm Dragons have been performing internationally, in USA's Southwest , Midwest, Northwest and all points in between. Anthony Vincent is a graduate of G.I.T. and a modern abstract soloist with chops to burn!

The Rhythm Dragons have one of the finest rhythm sections on the planet! The incredible upright bass player and former member of Special Deluxe and Krimson Kord, Josh Gihle, slaps the dog-house bass like a demon. Josh has been with the Rhythm Dragons for over six years. He plays keyboards, banjo and guitar also! Drumming legend Bob Stubbs of Social Distortion fame on skins has been with the band over 3 years! He was at the epicenter of the Punk explosion. Bob is now playin' "stand up" drums and mastering every style!

Get the Limited Edition "Trio Del Grande" in RED VINYL at a Rhythm Dragons show this year! A GREEN VINYL special edition 45 release of the song, "February 3rd 1959"!

The Rhythm Dragons and it's members have share bills and stages with these fine artists:

Dick Dale, Blasters, Agent Orange, Dead Bolt, Koffin Kats, Chuck Berry, The White Walls, James Intveld, Wayne Hancock, Wanda Jackson, Swank Bastards, Deke Dickerson, The Afterdarks, Devil Doll, Flexx Bronco, Justin Curtis, High Rollers, Striker, Hard Fall Hearts, Rip Em Ups, Cash'd Out, The Dead Beat Daddy's, CreepsVille 666, The Bellfuries, Hillbilly Casino, Tex Railer's Doom Town, Green Lady Killers, Love Me Nots, Joe Buck, Tav Falco and the Panther Burns, Gin Blossoms, Chop Tops, The 454s, The Mod Zombies, Mad Dog and the Smokin' Js, Dusty 45s, Mad Max and the Wild Ones, Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys, Los Strait Jackets, Hot Rod Walt and Psycho DeVilles, The Surf Zombies, The Fly-Rite Rangers, The Booze Bombs, The Teenagers, Huelyn Duvall, Rudy Tutti Grazell, Redline Rockets, Rocketz, Striker, Limit Club, The Excellos, High Voltage, Annita and the Starbombers, Union Avenue, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, John Bates Grind Show, Danny Dean, GBH, Sex Pistols, DI, Gun Club, Screaming Sirens, Bad Religion, Green Day, Rancid, Vandals, Silvertones, TSOL, Joe Strummer.