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Steel Accent Steelband

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Steel Accent is a Central Massachusetts based steel drum group aimed at providing Southern New England with some great live soca, calypso, and reggae music. This group is a small network of the area's most talented steel drummers. We are all experienced and college-trained musicians who take pride in our music, as well as our professionalism. Everything you get with this group is pure, authentic, live music. Our group is comprised of 2 steelpan players, 1 bass guitar player, and 1 drum set player or percussionist. (No vocals, just instrumental) We can also offer a trio or duo option, depending on what you may prefer. Our main goal is to surpass listeners' musical expectations and leave people feeling happy. Whether you're having a small backyard party, a large corporate event, a concert, a wedding, or any other event, Steel Accent can play some great steel pan music to help make your occasion memorable!

Why our clients love us.
We are always on time - Let's face it. Sometimes musicians have a reputation for being unreliable. Well, we are a different breed. We take pride in our professionalism, and will ALWAYS be punctual and reliable.

We can play almost anywhere - Got an event location that you think might be too small for us? I bet we could make it work. We've played in a lot of places, and we have yet to find a situation that we could not work with.

We can project our sound quite a bit without amplification, or we can be softer to stay in the background - This is one of the main things that many of our clients enjoy about us. In general, we have the ability to stay in the background and not overpower people's dinner conversations. Most of the people who play for this group are college-trained musicians, which means we have spent years practicing to be sensitive musicians capable of playing whatever volume is appropriate. Also, steel drums have a huge range of volume. They can be very soft, very loud, or anywhere in between depending on what is needed for the gig.

We play live acoustic music. No pre-recorded tracks - There is certainly nothing wrong with playing solo steelpan with pre-recorded tracks. There are some fantastic steelpan players who specialize in that. But this particular group is dedicated to bringing LIVE acoustic steelpan music to our guests. To us, a group is more authentic and, frankly, more fun!