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Lets Zep
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LETS ZEP is a Led Zeppelin Experience like no other featuring raw earthy authentic sounding female vocals conjuring Robert Plant's unmistakeable vibe, innovative rhythm guitar styles and solos reminiscent of Jimmy Page himself, bass lines thumping down the original grooves of the most talented John Paul Jones and hard hitting drum beats and patterns that play tribute to the late John Bonham. All four of these band members. Kim, Pete, Richie and Mike celebrate the music of Led Zeppelin by adding their own uniqueness while keeping true to the original sound and feel of one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

The band members of LETS ZEP have been involved in music their whole lives, performing in various cover bands and original projects together since the early-eighties and learning about life while perfecting their instrumental and creative skills. Whether they were out touring with a band in Europe, warming up for a National act in the US or just jamming together, the style of music they always seemed to enjoy and gravitate back towards is Led Zeppelin, as it had always been common bond and at the heart of what shaped them all musically. Kim Kuperschmid covers the vocals flawlessly with raw authenticity, emotion and soul; Mike Nack's hard hitting style and precision is very reminiscent of the late John Bonham; Peter Kuperschmid wales on guitar and leads with jaw-dropping taste, tone and feel; and Richie Glicksman holds down a solid bottom and groove to hold it all together.

The way LETS ZEP anticipates each others moves with ease, spontaneously creates feels and grooves with originality, and performs tightly with an unwarranted precedence is astonishing and uncanny. ..and can only be attributed to a combination of the amount of time they have all been performing together and their ambition, motivation and passion for music, the one constant in their lives. This is evident in the way LETS ZEP makes the songs of Led Zeppelin an integral part of who they are with a raw, fresh authentic approach to the songs they love. When you hear LETS ZEP play, you will be able to transcend yourself to a time and place where we all connect, which is an integral part of who we all are now.

This is what music does and this is what we are all about.

And this is where
destiny had planned for us to meet.