Navigating Your Associate Tools


NOTE  this page has examples and instructions, but the pages are not live,

so don't try to enter your password or other information here... they are only pictures!



To Access the Consultants Only Area of go to   

This will kick you over to the login screen if you are not already logged in.

Remember the login will expire in about 15-20 minutes if you are inactive so it will require you to log in again.


Logging In






The Main Menu





Your Client Worksheet


This will be the screen you will use most often.  The client worksheet is used for everything from the Initial contact to contracting and follow up.   Just enter as much information as you have and keep building the file.  As you have more and more clients it becomes increasingly important for you to have updated and good information so you can access it with any of your clients.   It is your direct, dynamic connection to your own client database.  It has been developed exclusively for professional Entertainment over a number of years to meet the very specific needs of our consultants.









The Drop Down Menu Of Documents and Forms

The Drop down Menu at the top of your worksheet generates many forms, contract and letters based on the information you have created within the file for your client.   You'll be able to see, on-line, for instance, all the details of any contract or promotional material that have been sent to your client, as well as information sheets, letters, Fax cover sheets and more.   It also will generate basic e mails for you to send to both clients and artists pertaining to an engagement,  for instance,  checking the date with a performer without having to type out all the details.  This allows you to easily check with many artists for a performance.   Try it.   Just choose a document from the menu and it will generate the document.   Use the Edit this client or back button to return and continue working with your client file.




Adding A New Client

It is easy to include new clients in your database.  Remember,  you'll want to include clients here that are working towards 

a specific date or engagement,  rather than possible future clients. 




Now Just confirm the entry and you can access it from your database by clicking the button.  



Note.... If you enter it and cannot find it in your database

there may be a simple explanation.   Did you  choose a different name in the drop down agent menu by accident?  If that is possible

just call the office and we will kick it back into your database.   

Did you enter a date?   If not then it will not appear in your database until you blank out the date fields

in the search for clients window.